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The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit™ is a powerful, yet easy to use system that can transform any Trader from timid to mentally tough.

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What Holds You Back From Trading Success?


A state of the art, excellent course that has really made a vast difference to my trading attitude.

Once you have your trading method developed and tested, the next step is psychology. Now, I automatically follow my plan, don’t take unplanned trades, and am ok with some losers…

“Disciplined Trader” Thomas Curley, Wicklow, Ireland


Features Included In Your Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit

Take Home Version

Take Home Version of the extremely popular “Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program™”.

Core Trainings

Transform the way you think and react to market conditions and the signals you get from your trading plan telling you to initiate or exit a trade.

Quickstart Guides

Clear video instructions from Norman Hallett, “The Disciplined Trader” for every section to help you get the most out of your Mastery Kit.

Advanced Trainings

Strengthen your “inner game” with simple exercises you can do anywhere to develop true “ice-water-in-the-veins” discipline in any market scenario.

Personal Leatherbound Journal

Journaling can improve your trading success ten-fold. This attractive, leather bound journal is sure to make you want to become even more dedicated to sharpening your trading skills.

Real World Scenarios

Interviews and in-depth Q&A sessions with our expert faculty answering student questions cover stumbling blocks and challenges faced by new and experienced traders.

“Trading Basics” Make Sure Your Fundamentals Are Solid

From Building and Running a Solid Training Plan, and Risk and Money Management, to Journaling Tips, and Running Your Trading as a Money-Making Business, we’ve got you covered!

Valuable Bonus Content

Exclusive bonus materials you won’t find anywhere else to help you maintain momentum and solidify your trainings and continue improving your trading skills and mental game.

Accommodates All Trading Styles And Markets!

check Day Trading   check ETFs
check Forex   check Short Selling
check Swing Trading   check Technical
check Options   check And Much More!

Have you ever blown a trade? Or worse, blown your entire account because of any of the following?

x …Missing trades you should have made
x …Hesitating to pull the trigger when your system gives you the signal
x …Trades based on false fear instead of logic and properly trained emotion
x …Letting occasional and necessary losses shake your confidence
x …Second-guessing your trades—Or yourself
x …Doubt that you have what it takes to be a top-notch trader

If you’ve been trading for any time at all, it’s happened to you.

What you need to understand is that it’s not your fault. You just haven’t been shown there’s a better, saner way to trade.

Now you may have been told that spectacular losses and night sweats are all just a “part of the learning curve.”

But it doesn’t have to be.

How would you like to discover the two big secrets the top 5% – 7% of extremely successful traders know that no one ever told the 93% – 95% of traders who fail.

What are those secrets?

A Solid Trading Plan Combined With Unshakable Trading Discipline

Hi Norman, I just received my kit last night and am just starting the final module in the Basics portion of the course and I love it!

I have a strong focus and interest in risk management, position sizing, journaling and analysis, so I have really enjoyed listening to the great presenters who have done the basics modules.

As a professional trader, you can never hear or reinforce that material enough.

I can’t wait to get started on the intensive portion later today and begin using the subconscious training!

Overall, very nicely packaged and presented with what I can already see is a real wealth of information and value provided in all of the various modules.

Excellent product!

–Shawn Donahue


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