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Here's the complete Table of Contents, so that you know, exactly, the lineup of information that will get you where you want to go... straight to a winning trading plan...

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction   4
How to define your trading “destination”   5
What is a Successful Trader?   6
Chapter 2: The Strategic Philosophy of Trading   8
Identifying High Probability Trades   9
Risk-Reward   10
The Trading System   10
Chapter 3: Developing your Personal Profile   12
Personal Goals   13
Trading capital and financial objectives   15
Establishing your risk profile   17
Personal Risk Profile questionnaire   18
Identifying your Strengths and Weaknesses   19
Attitude   20
Imagining your worst trading nightmare   20
Writing out your trading premise   21
Example trading premise…21
Chapter 4: Developing an Effective Trading Strategy   22
Full or part time trading?   22
Round-the-clock trading   23
Trading Style   23
Example of a Position Trade   22
Example of a Day Trade   23
Example of Scalping   23
Example of Swing Trading   24
Chapter 5:  Trading System and Trading Rules   26
Fundamental Analysis   27
The Balance Sheet…27
The current ratio   28
The Operating Statement   29
Price-Earnings ratio (P/E)   29
How to estimate the future value of stock shares using P/E Multiple   29
Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Equity (ROE)   30
Quarterly and Annual Reports    30
Fundamentals for other types of investment   31
Technical Analysis   31
Charting   31
Moving Averages   32
Simple moving average (SMA)   32
Trend Identification/Confirmation   34
Support and Resistance Levels   35
Moving Average Convergence Divergence – MACD   35
On Balance Volume   36
Bollinger Bands   36
Relative Strength Index   37
Divergence   37
Selection Filters   38
Sample Trade Selection   39
The Importance of Paper Trading…41
Trading System, Trading Rules and the Trading Plan   42
Example of Trading Rules   43
Chapter 6: Establishing a Trading Schedule   45
U.S. National Exchanges   45
Regional U.S. Exchanges   46
Canada   46
Europe   46
U.K.   47
Japan   47
Chapter 7: Setting up a Trading Journal   49
The Trading Journal-your best friend   50
Key Questions to ask yourself   50
When to make Journal entries   51
Example of a Trading Journal   52
Chapter 8: Testing your Trading System   53
Pros and Cons of Paper Trading   54
Chapter 9:  The Emotional Aspects of Trading   55
Holistic Trading   56
Characteristics of a Successful Trader   58
Chapter 10: The Power of Objectivity   62
Give and receive   64
Chapter 11: Putting it all Together-a Sample Trading Plan   65
In Closing   71

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